Featured Food


Hokkaido Carbonara

Drenched with Hokkaido rich milk, this cream-based spaghetti tastes absolutely divine. The beauty of the dish lies in its  super creamy sauce, concocted with their signature Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk.  A generous portion of Hokkaido kurobuta bacon are tossed into the noodles, and the hearty dish is topped off with a perfectly poached egg seasoned with black pepper and parmigiano.


Obihiro Butadon

Originated from Tokachi, Obihiro, and introduced to world with fame, the Butadon is a simple comforting specialty pork rice bowl. Artfully arranged slices of sweet soy sauce flavouring grilled Hokkaido Kurobuta pork belly lies atop fluffy white Japanese rice grains. Glazed over with special teriyaki sauce, this one makes a tasty everyday meal.


Shaved Ice (Shiro Kuma)

Too “Kawaii”, you can’t bear to dig in! Shaped like a bear, this adorable Shiro Kuma Hokkaido shaved ice is one for the gram’! Drizzle Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk all over the brimming bowl and have spoon it together with the vanilla ice cream for maximum sweet satisfaction. Lying underneath is a plethora of colourful fruits, including orange, mango, white peach and strawberry.

With the homemade syrups served on the side, you may also choose to have coffee, strawberry, mango and green tea flavours.


Cream Puff

Decidedly unassuming and loaded with an explosion of Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk custard cream, this luscious cream puff is a crowd-favourite. Taking the classic cream puffs up a notch,  the light yet crisp cream puff encases a brilliantly rich and creamy custard, topped off with delectable crisps and sugary bits. Makes the perfect all time snack.

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