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Fame due to its unique focus on Hokkaido milk, Baristart Coffee creates a bespoke café latte art using only the exceptional Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk. The smooth rich Hokkaido milk paired perfectly with high-quality coffee beans that makes the latte a tasty drink.


Hokkaido Aged Wagyu Don

Indulge the exquisite taste of our Hokkaido Aged Wagyu Don, featuring the rich and tender Hokkaido milk-aged Wagyu flank. Paired with Goma Abura Shio Kombu-Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi rice, this dish is elevated with layers of flavor including Yakiniku sauce, fresh chives, yuzu whipped cream, shredded red onion, bara yaki nori, and crowned with a delicate nama tamago. Experience sophistication on a plate


Hokkaido Carbonara

Drenched with Hokkaido rich milk, this cream-based spaghetti tastes absolutely divine. The beauty of the dish lies in its  super creamy sauce, concocted with their signature Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk.  A generous portion of Hokkaido kurobuta bacon are tossed into the noodles, and the hearty dish is topped off with a perfectly poached egg seasoned with black pepper and parmigiano.


Cream Puff

Decidedly unassuming and loaded with an explosion of Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk custard cream, this luscious cream puff is a crowd-favourite. Taking the classic cream puffs up a notch,  the light yet crisp cream puff encases a brilliantly rich and creamy custard, topped off with delectable crisps and sugary bits. Makes the perfect all time snack.

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